ANKLEBITER – “To Live And Withstand” 7″


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Yellow, pink & blue vinyl (500 copies). 2023

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Anklebiter – “To Live And Withstand” 7″

The debut EP by a new, young band (from the Northeast of USA). They delivers everything you would hope for in terms of energy, attitude and, more than anything, an abundance of invigorating freshness. It’s straight forward, no-nonsense hardcore, with a nod given to contemporaries such as Gel and Buggin, but with a DNA that can be traced all the way back to Minor Threat… and then all the countless sXe bands that have been and gone ever since (Gorilla Biscuits, Ten Yard Fight, Fast Times, Have Heart, Faim etc. etc.). Less hardcore reinvention; more, passing of the burning baton.

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