ANGEL OLSEN – “Big Time” Double LP



Gatefold sleeve, double pink vinyl, includes download. 2022

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Angel Olsen – “Big Time” Double LP

Her fifth full-album, and maybe not an obvious addition to this distro’s roster, but fuck it, when someone is as wonderful as Angel Olsen you don’t care too much about following the unspoken guidelines. To my ears, this sounds more sombre and country influenced compared to previous albums, and it puts me in mind of Laura Cottrell – who I remember John Peel championing.  And bloody hell, I know he’d be so heavily into Angel Olsen too. For me, I prefer Angel Olsen when she is in cheery, up-beat mode – and this album, on the whole, isn’t – but if you’re in the right place, (right place, as in, not in the best place ever) the shared pathos and sadness of this album will serve you like a year’s worth of counselling.

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