ANGEL DU$T – “Brand New Soul” LP


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‘Hunter Green’ vinyl (2nd press 2000 copies) die-cut jacket contains gatefold. 2023

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Angel Du$t – “Brand New Soul” LP

The fifth album for the Baltimore experimental pop-punk band. Heavy hardcore that has evolved into catchy pop is and unusual dynamic, a few other bands – Turnstile, Scowl – are, for better or worse, currently giving it a go. These guys are the original trailblazers, and you have to give a band credit for courageously going exactly where they shouldn’t, with no fucks given. Thankfully Angel Du$t have the songs, the attitude, the musical skills, and the adventurous sense of ‘do as we damn well please’ to pull the whole thing off successfully. This sounds like a much stronger album compared to the previous two. Cheekily dipping into mathy prog, jazzy timing, pure pop – It’s a lot of fun. And back on their own label, too – even better.

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