AMEBIX – “No Gods No Masters” LP


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Black vinyl, includes lyric insert. 2023

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Amebix – “No Gods No Masters” LP

The three early recordings, combined on one 12″ disc, made by the legendary West Country warriors of darkness: the 12″ of 1983, No Sanctuary, 1982’s Winter 7″, plus the debut of 1982, Who’s The Enemy.  The perfect brew of Killing Joke atmospherics, Motorhead grease ‘n grime, and Crass intellect; Amebix were true one-of-kind pioneers. The debut EP especially is a remarkable recording – murky and lo-fi, but awash in dark dread and apocalyptic fury (the track “Curfew ” is an astonishing blast of proto-hardcore speed). Winter, is a great 7″, but, quite frankly, both tracks go on for far too long, (I traded my copy for a Cro-Mags 10″ many decades ago. Bad call? ach, maybe t’was), but things bounced back with a vicious vengeance a year later with the No Sanctuary 12″ – a remarkable, nightmarish trip into the psyche of early-80’s lost British youth. All three records were originally released by Spiderleg Records – really, the best label to explore if you want the very finest of early 80’s UK punk. This version is released by Corteza Discos – who? I fear this accidently breaks from usual policy of avoiding all bootlegs… and in keeping with the shoddy nature of unofficial/’fan-club’ releases the sleeve condition is a little tarnished/crumpled (more leaning towards near-mint than mint). But ya’ know, it’s an Amebix records and therefore impossible to resist.

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