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Clear with green splatter vinyl (550 copies) , silver foil sleeve, includes download. 2022

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Age Of Apocalypse – “Grim Wisdom” LP

A quintet from Hudson Valley, New York, with a weird hybrid all of their own. The rock stylings of the vocalist immediately throws things off kilter – easier to handle if you’re ok with Alice In Chains. Unfortunately I’m not ok with Alice In Chains. Despite which, Age Of Apocalypse execute their 90s alt metal/hardcore mix with enough pazaz and chutzpah that this has unexpectedly warmed on me. The elements of dark metal-punk grittiness definitely helps. In fact, this would be an amazing hardcore record if only the band hadn’t got sidetracked by their enthusiasm for school of rock flamboyance. I guess it hangs on how far you went with the Cro-Mags – if it was up until Alpha Omega you’ll be more than fine with this, in fact, you might find this to be an amazing hardcore record.

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