2 SICK MONKEYS – “Oblivion” LP


Urinal Vinyl/Pumpkin/Smegma/Shatterpunk/Uncomfortable Beach Party/Antipop/Dead Lamb/One Step Outside

Double green vinyl. 2018

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2 Sick Monkeys – “Oblivion” double LP

This hardworking bass and drum duo have been slogging it out since 2000. For me, most two-piece bands leave me thinking they’re merely two thirds as good as they could be – but that don’t apply hereĀ  – the multi tracked bass and a multitude of different guest-vocal contributions really help fill-out the sound. The talent required to pull off such an ambitious double-length album is evident throughout, and the oft-made comparison to the super tight Nomeansno is super right (and I would add Snuff, too). On the whole this is no-nonsense, joyous, intelligent Punk Rock.

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