WARHORSE – “As Heaven Turns to Ash” Double LP


Southern Lord Records

Double vinyl, gatefold sleeve. 2015

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Warhorse – “As Heaven Turns to Ash…” Double LP

Warhorse were a very formidable band of longhairs from Boston, Massachusetts, active from 1996 to 2005, and who managed to rise above the more typical standards of the doom/sludge/stoner metal genres by expanding upon their dark, expansive, heaviness by adding atmospheric post-rock instrumentation – less of the heads-down battle charge of, say, High On Fire; this is more contemplative and cerebral, with moments that are similar to Grails. Quite bleak, too. Satisfyingly bleak. No suprise that Greg Anderson wanted them for his label as this a style that his previous band Engine Kid had successfully explored. This compiles Warhorse’s As Heaven Turns To Ash… album of 2001 with the I Am Dying 7″ that Southern Lord released in 2002. I hope these guys have picked-up a cult following. They deserve one.

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