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TOXIC WASTE – “Belfast” LP


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White vinyl, includes insert. 2021

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Toxic Waste – “Belfast” LP

Originally released in 1987 on Belfast Records and out of print for 30 years. A compilation of 12 tracks, most were previously released – from the split LP with Stalag 17, released on Mortarhate Records in 1985; plus their tracks from the three-way split with Stalag 17 and Asylum released on Warzone Records in 1986. Plus newly recorded versions of old tracks with Dino and Gary from D.I.R.T doing the vocal parts and guitars. Always a comfortable fit on any Mortarhate compilation LP, Nothern Ireland’s Toxic Waste were a little bit harder and faster than their peers, a mix of US peace punk (Christ On Parade/MDC) and the more obvious UK comparisons: Alternative, D.I.R.T, Hagar The Womb, Dan and Chumbawumba.

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