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“Sober Living For The Revolution – Hardcore Punk, Straight Edge, and Radical Politics” Book

By Gabriel Kuhn

Drug-free, hardcore punk of the last 25 years and its political legacy. Often misrepresented as a Puritan conservatism, but of course, as this study shows, its history is more complex – reactionary, progressive and positively subversive. Tracing the international history of straight edge philosophy (crucially, author Gabriel Kuhn is Austrian born, and now based in Sweden – thus this study avoids the trappings of being too US-centric), the book includes contributions from key-players such as Ian MacKaye (doh, no suprise), Mark Anderson (Dance of Days) members of Manlifting Banner, Refused and even Fall-Out Boy – all making the connections between sXe, anarchism, queer identity, animal rights and environmentalism.

300 pages, 15cm x 23cm. (RRP £20.99)



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