PSICO GALERA – “Le Stanze Della Mente” LP


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Includes fold out insert. 2021

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Psico Galera – “Le Stanze Della Mente” LP

Spearheading an exciting new Italian hardcore renaissance. A debut full-length album that follows on from the Senza Via Di Fuga EP that La Vida Es Un Mus released in 2017. Manic percusion propells a wild rampage of fast riffing, blown-out vocals, and unpredictable tempo shifts. Weirdo modern punk that taps into the richness of 80’s Italian punk – Indigesti, Negazione, CCM, and most of all, Wretched. This is perfect: a heavy dose of the past (and what it made so great) reinvented with ideas that are just completely fresh and new.

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