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ISS – s/t 7″


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ISS – self-titled  7″

New 4-song EP from this North Carolina punk phenomenon. ISS will tell you that they don’t look good on paper – they’re a punk band that uses sampling prominently and whose lyrics and music often revolve around semi-silly punk/record nerd in-jokes – but despite the concept they manage to make music that is as great and as authentically punk as anything in my collection. They keep the hits coming on this new EP with their trademark combination of minimalist punk, huge pop hooks, and lyrics that are almost (but not quite!) too witty for their own good. There are even a few new wrinkles this time around, like the blistering, Agent Orange-esque guitar work from Jeff Leppard of Skemäta and Vittna on “I Wanna Be Dated.” If you’ve enjoyed ISS’s previous releases on Loki, State Laughter, and Erste Theke Tonträger pick this up as it’s the group’s best stuff yet.”

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