PERMISSION – “Organised People Suffer” LP


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Includes poster. 2020

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Permission – “Organised People Suffer” LP

Straight away, one look at the sleeve art, you know exactly where London’s favourite underground misfits are sledge-hammering their stylistic stake… Permissions‘ third album countinues their wild-at-weird-heart persuit of agitated, anti-melody hardcore that is “squirming with fury”. Not an easy listen (and good thing too). I’m not going to grapple for the usual obscure comparisons, to their credit I can’t think of any…. (oh-no, wait! I can: United Mutation… add to which, Siege – for the furious rush of guitar. Comparisons that become apparant once you make the connection, but not immediately obvious). Includes a poster of the sleeve art (designed by guitarist Ralph Simmonds) with a lyric insert designed by drummer Lloyd Clipston.

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