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Black vinyl, gatefold sleeve, includes booklet. 2021

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Neon Christ – “1984” LP

Another brilliant archival project from Southern Lord that honours the legacy of an essential band from the hardcore archives. Side one features the original 7″ EP, Parental Suppression, and side two contains four songs recorded in 1984, including the track “Ashes To Ashes,” which was included on the International Peace/War compilation released by MDC’s R Radical Records in 1984. Neon Christ’s brand of fast thrash, mixed with a peace punk philosophy, and a Dischord-style melodicism, has never marked them out as a first division US punk band, and it would be disingenuous to rank them alongside Minor Threat, Dead Kennedys, 7 Seconds, Crucifix etc. And that was partly due to their isolated location in Atlanta, Georgia (compared to DC or LA). And also, much like Deep Wound, Iconoclast or Koro, they only got to release just one vinyl EP in their time, thereby limiting their popularity beyond a niche, cult following. Guitarist William DuVall left Atlanta in ’86 to briefly join Bl’ast! in Sant Cruz, California, bringing Neon Christ to a premature end, and leaving us all with one of the biggest ‘what ifs?’ in the history of 80s US punk.
Comes in a full-colour gatefold sleeve with large 12 page booklet (with oral-history and dozens of photos).

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