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Muck Spreader – “Abysmal” LP

Post punk from London with a sax-jazz-rock thing going on – and that, suprisingly, doesn’t suck. Merely blows, sometimes. Difficult indie rock, operating within the same strange playground of Squid and black midi. A london collective of non-commercial, boundry-pushing, odd-balls. Think: Cravats (because I like old, obscure references) meets Fat White Family (with whom they gig alongside, natch). I wasn’t sure whether the ‘quirky’ wiseguy vocals were annoying (you know, the: not nearly as smart or funny as I think I am kind of indie-man schtick. Yeah, so you listen to The Fall. Whatever), but because of the groovy basslines and playful horns, this is a definite grower that has won me over to it’s cause.
Not to be confused with West Country punks of yesteryear, Muckspreader, who are also worth checking-out should you be lucky enough to find ‘owt.

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