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MDC – “Multi Death Chicken Stains” LP


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Includes fold out posters. 2022

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MDC – “Multi Death Chicken Stains: Millennium Edition” LP

The provocative protest/peace punks from Texas who dominated the international hardcore scene of the 1980s. All the songs from their legendary early 7″s  – the debut John Wayne was a Nazi that was released under the name The Stains (and later repressed as MDC-Stains when they moved to San Francisco a year later and discovered both violent cops, and also an L.A. band who were already called Stains); along with the famous EPs: Multi Death Corporation (released by themselves on R Radical Records, and also Crass Records in the UK, in 1983), and Millions of Dead Children AKA Chicken Squawk (1984). Assembled on one 12″, completely restored and remastered, (and it makes for a great album title!). Also included are bonus tracks that were recorded during the original sessions, but couldn’t fit on the 7″s. Plus reproductions of the original sleeve artwork and text (as fold-out posters), plus new liner notes from vocalist/lyricist Dave Dictor and guitarist X Con Ron.

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