MASTODON – “Hushed And Grim” Double LP


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Gatefold sleeve, double vinyl. 2021

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Mastodon – “Hushed And Grim” Double LP

The band’s longest album to date, and also – shifting away from the dramatic themes and concepts of past albums –  one of their most personal; serving as a tribute to Mastodon’s former manager Nick John, after his death from cancer in 2018. Heavy progressive metal, getting more mature and mellow with the passing of time, as you do. The vocals are mostly sung – which is not surpising, eight albums and over twenty years down the line, both vocalists and listeners will inevitably tire of all the shoutiness – but that distinct Mastodon sense of always balancing on the edge of turbulent, shit-yer-pants, violence remains; forever propelled by the super-dynamic, neck-snapping beats of Brann Dailor. Other Mastodon trademarks are all here in juicy abundence: sludgey, bass lead breakdowns, scale-hoping guitar wizardry, devilishly tight time changes, and huge, open-sky granduer. Always epic. Served-up ina an extra large, double-vinyl, helping.

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