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Black vinyl, includes insert. 2021

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Jade Dust – Self-titled LP

From Portland, Oregon but heavily influenced by the spirit and sounds of late 80s Dischord/revolution summer (the days of proto-emo), so much so that this was recorded by Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studios! An album that has more than a ring of familiarity – but if you love that ring, that’s a good thing. The post-hardcore rockiness, and urgent, heartfelt passion is straight up Washington DC circa 1988 – not in an obvious Fugazi way, instead more like Embrace, Ignition, Rain, Moss Icon, and also a little late period Turning Point (who in turn were heavily influenced by Dischord). The vocals have that same off-tune quality that Alex and Ian Mackaye made so distinct, (one of those unorthodox musical techniques that only a punk band could successfully pull-off). This debut six track LP is also going to be of interest to anyone who digs more recent bands like Fury, Fiddlehead, One Step Closer etc.
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