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ILSA – “Preyer” LP


Relapse Records

‘Blood Red Edition’. 2020


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Ilsa – “Preyer” LP

Washington, D.C.-based doom metal mavericks with a punk ethos. Active for the last ten years, with a number of full-lengths under their studded belt, Ilsa are one of the less acknowledged treats hidden within the roster of Relapse Records. This is the thinking person’s doom – far from one dimensional, there is method within the menace. Here be proper song structures (not mere riff-follows-riff laziness), thoughtful lyrics, and a lovely, rich, guitar-tone, pushed by cavernous drum-thumpin. The end result manages to devastate with it’s heavy power, but, unlike alot of doom and sludge metal, without feeling like a punishing endurance test on your ears. Dark and lush. Also, some of the best sleeve graphics ever.

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