BLIND EYE – “Decomposed” LP


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Black vinyl. 2022

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Blind Eye – “Decomposed” LP

A fresh new release from a UK band from the ever-fertile harcore/punk scene of Nottingham. Veterans of many previous bands, reunited: guitarist Andy Morgan of Endless Grinning Skulls/Viral Age Records/Army Of Flying Robots/Nadir; new member Matt Grundy of Nadir and Dead In The Woods on bass; amazing drummer Steve Charlesworth of Heresy (yes, fucking HERESY!!), Wolves Of Greece, Meatfly, Geriatric Unit; and vocalist Anmarie Spaziano. With a member of UK hardcore legends Heresy on the drum stool it comes as no suprise that this spanks your bottom with a lightening fast vengeance (I know, back in the day, Mick Harris of ND was an equal match when it came to sheer ADHD beats per minute, but I always thought Steve Charlesworth possessed a stronger sense of rhythmic groove. Both are legends, of course). This is hard album to pigeonhole, and I would struggle to make any direct comparisons to any other bands past or present (a good thing, natch); except for Anmarie’s vocal style which is somewhere between the intensity of Ola (Game) and the rockier/melodic sensiblities of Mia Zapata of the Gits. A winning combo, for sure.

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