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Hard Times: The First 40 Years, A History of Punk and Hardcore as Reported by the Scene’s Most Scrupulous Investigators – Book

by Matt Saincome and The Writers at thehardtimes.net

A collection of ‘best of’ moments/posts from the satirical website The Hard Times (check here). Often spot-on with their hilarious observations of punk life, they hit the nails directly upon the head nearly everytime, and in a way that only true HC lifers/insiders could think-up. And also incredibly niche – how many people on the planet understand the nuanced sarcasm and dry wit that resides within the headline: “Reuniting Screamo Band to Play Classic Split 7″ in Its Entirety”?
A perfect take-down/gift for anyone you know who takes their punk-rock/hardcore indentity a little too seriously.

Paperback, 254 pages, 20cm x 25cm. (RRP $20.00)


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