GEIST – “Disrepair” LP


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White (with black) vinyl. 2017

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Geist – “Disrepair” LP

I got hold of this debut LP of 2017 direct from the band when they played a recent local gig. Unfortunately, copies of their more recent full-length of 2019 (Swarming Season) was down down to the last few – but hopefully I’ll be able to pick-up some in the course of time – because Geist, from the North East of England, are an intense home-grown powerhouse of band, absolutely on the ascendence. Converge, Cursed, Trap Them and Colesium would be the obviouse root influences so if you dig them you need this. Crushingly loud live (to the point of it being a form of violent assault), while the studio recording allows new layers of intricacy and fancy-pants-flourishes to emerge from the rush of dense noise. This style and sound has always existed in the UK – go back a few years and Throats, Lavotchkin, Mea Culpa come to mind – but this takes it up several notches to new levels of sonic intensity and ferocity. Production isn’t by Kurt Ballou – but it could be…

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