GEHENNA – “Upon The Gravehill” LP


King Of The Monsters

 Purple with black vinyl, includes 24″x24″ fold out poster and download. 2021

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Gehenna  – “Upon The Gravehill” LP

Uncompromising, metallic hardcore from this San Diego band, an institution of menace and ranting madness since 1993. Bad day? Pissed off? You could get wasted. Or you could listen to Gehenna instead. (Yes, you could do both, but merely listening to Gehenna would be enough on it’s own, I’m pretty sure). Released by King Of The Monsters in 2004 amongst countless other records on A389, CrimethInc, Crawlspace, and Area 51 – some of which were splits with the likes of Integrity, Catharsis, Apartment 213 and Blind To Faith. Now available again on coloured vinyl.

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