DEAD WRETCHED – “No Hope For You” LP (damaged sleeve)


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Dead Wretched – “No Hope For You” LP

An early 80’s punk band from Birmingham UK that failed to brake through to the ‘big time’ (what? front page of Punk Lives?). This LP compiles both their 7”s: the No Hope For Anyone EP, and Convicted / Infiltrator (both released on Inferno Records in 1982); plus a 1982 demo, and rehearsal tape (with unheard tracks). Not a band I was familiar with, and hearing the 7″s now, well, they are a bit on the dirgey side (which would explain the lack of popularity/notoriety back in the day), however, time is kind, and a ropey, low budget studio production wins itself an endearing charm a few decades down the line. This is definitely classic UK82 meat-and-tatties punk rock, like a younger brother to GBH, and picking-up a punchier English Dogs style on tracks like “You’re No Exception” (which was recorded for a TV documentary – it’s out there in Youtube land, and it’s pretty great). These copies came from Havoc Records, who in turn imported them from the UK, so consequently the end price is a little high.
WARNING: these copies have suffered sleeve damage, with a couple of creases on the top left corner, check the photos. They have been marked down in price accordingly.


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