DAZZLING KILLMEN – “Face of Collapse” Double LP


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Gatefold sleeve, screen printed D-side, includes booklet and obi strip. 2016

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Dazzling Killmen – “Face of Collapse” LP

The Dazzling Killmen’s second album came out in 1994. I don’t remember anyone noticing them at the time. If ever you have heard someone reference the Dazzling Killmen, in a review or whatever, then they were making a blatant public display of their superior, clever-brains, knowledge of obscure bands, and consequently should be percieved as a true anorak academic in the dark art of “bands that were just too damn out-there for even diehard noise freaks to be able to handle”. For Dazzling Killmen were indeed one such obscure, out-there, band. Math rock ahead of math rock existing as a descriptive term. The ideas shared by Shellac performed by hardcore punks. The violence, angst and craziness taken up a level. London’s Silent Front (from yesteryear) must surely have been hugely influenced by them.
This 2016 version has been remastered from the original analog tapes. And includes three bonus tracks, plus an impressive 16-page booklet featuring liner notes, artwork and essays. Side D has screen-printed artwork from cover artist Paul Nitsche. I was put off by the price, but on listening to it, I was like: of my goodness, I have to stock this (and on arrival, I now see that it is a pretty deluxe, high-end package).

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