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COHERENCE – “Of Alternate Spaces” LP


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Blue vinyl. 2019


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Coherence – “Of Alternate Spaces” LP

A debut full-length featuring 8-tracks of emotive hardcore akin to the dark, raw, and intense sound of the 90s, with influences such as: Spitboy, fourhundredyears, Sleepy Time Trio, Rainer Maria, and Yaphet Kotto. Lyrically (in English, Arabic, and Farsi) they explore themes of cultural assimilation, anti-colonialism, white supremacy, and the narratives of immigrant families. Coherence includes members from many other projects including: Jabber, Long Knives, My Parade, Watercolor Paintings, Drawing Water, Ten Thousand Leagues, Pills, SOAR. This is so like something you would have read about in HeartAttack zine, it’s uncanny.

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