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C4 – “Chaos Streaks” LP


Triple B Records

Black vinyl (400 copies). 2021

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C4 – “Chaos Streaks” LP

A debut full-length from a new Boston, Massachusetts band, heavily indebted to the thuggish fury of Infest and the survival-on-the-streets attitude of 90s NYHC. Pure, fast, simple hardcore punk – “for lunkheads by lunkheads” – that doesn’t take it itself too seriously, with exactly the right kind of self aware suss, without detracting from the fact that they are pretty damn proficient at playing this kind of tough-nut hardcore. Got excess angry rage and negativity that you need to shed? Here’s your theraputic work-out. This will help you heal, (and remember to pin a poster over the hole you punched in the wall).

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