BLACK MIDI – “Cavalcade” LP


Rough Trade

Gatefold sleeve. 2021

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black midi – “Cavalcade” LP

The somophore effort following-up the critically acclaimed album of 2019, Schlagenheim. Genre-busting youth of England with a violent blend of math rock, post punk and (gulp, be brave) prog-jazz fusion. Does it work? I’ve gotta’ applaud their fearless sense of experimentalism and their adventurous carefree attitude – throwing shit at the wall and finding out what smells best/worst. On the whole, yes, it does work. Frighteningly well, in fact. Young, enthusiastic highbrow minds that have gone fairground bat-shit crazy, with a mix of The Ex, Mars Volta and Primus all shook-up in a can of Monster energy drink. Needless to say, it’s not for everyone, but an exhilarating rush of off-kilter madness for anyone who dares.

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