Land Of Treason…

…started in 1993 (in Manchester), moved to Dorset in 1995. Went on a long hiatus in 2003 (I got too embroiled in making my own music, albeit unsuccessfully, to find the time to sell other people’s). Back again in 2018.

I sell vinyl at the moment. Vinyl seems to be the most popular these days, and it is my prefered medium, and always has been, mainly because I love the sleeve artwork. But, all formats are cool. I can easily order CDs and Tapes for you, if and when they are available.
I can also get hold of countless other releases, check the Out Of Stock pages, and let me know if you need any further information. Some records come and go at quite a rate, so by all means, message me to reserve items. I don’t order in huge quantities, maybe just two or three per item, but I am able to restock most titles pretty quickly.
You can also keep tabs on new releases and re-stocks by following the L.O.T. Facebook and Instagram page.

On the whole, I stock releases I know and like, or that I at least share some kind of affinity with… which, I admit, is totally indulgent and an embarrassing act of egoism, but the thing is, it’s quite hard to figure-out what other people will or won’t like, we’re all wired differently, afterall. So, yeah, all suggestions, requests and helpful pointers are welcome – please! (and I won’t judge, honest)

But…. I avoid the bands with members who have been outed as creepy sex pests. Or bands who have any kind of affiliation to bigotry. Therefore all Oi! and black metal bands are guilty by association unless they make it blatantly clear to the contrary. Sorry, them’s the rules. I can’t stand nazi apologists.

Enviro-mental Concerns

In order to mitigate the horrendous pollutants that go into the manufacture of vinyl records I attempt an eco-friendly approach to packaging your orders: 90% of the time I use pre-used carboard and avoid buying fresh mailers. I also use water based acrylic ‘envirotape’.
(The use of ‘pre-used’ cardboard entails regular trips to local retailer’s skips. The one at the local Pets At Home is particularly useful – if ever your parcel smelt of dog buscuits, I apologise, that’s the reason why).

The manufacture of vinyl records involves shitloads of fossil fuels, chemicals (chlorine) and energy. But I’m positive one day soon an inventive soul will come up with a non plastic record that works just as well if not better than PVC. Until that day, we all gotta’ choose wisely!

cheers-man-take-care, pete

Now go lay down your soul to the gods rock & roll…